July 2021

Issue 11

Haiku Stroke by Martina Reaves  (Poetry)

How to Make Pie by Richard Turner (Memoir)

By the Pool by Gail Kurtz (Memoir)

Back in the Saddle by Barbara Ridley (Commentary)

Reflections on January 6 by Karen Hunt (Commentary)

A Light in the Back of the Basement by Carl Kopman (Fiction)

Blue Bolt by Kathy Moore (Fiction)

Gethsemane- an excerpt from The Death Ride by Molly Hartle (Memoir)

Smoke, Coke & Something To Come Back To by Alice Feller (Commentary)

Chapter One- Going to School by Paul Davis (Memoir)

Urban Markings in Encaustics 2021 by Claudia Marseille (Painting)

Fragile Volcanoes by David Schweidel (Memoir)

Who’s Who

We are all writers who know each other from David Schweidel’s Thursday Night Class. This is the first time we’ve all appeared in public together. Enjoy & add a comment.


Interconnecting Circles