June 2018

Issue 4

When Elvis Came to San Diego by Sharon Doubiago (Memoir)

The Wild West Of My Dreams by David Schweidel (Memoir)

Notes From 206 by Susan LHeureux (Memoir)

Carrot in a Family Way by Ben Kopman (Art)

Teaching Philosophy by Anna Brown (Commentary)

Visit to a Mental Institution by Carl Kopman (Fiction)

Puertas del Puerto de Valparaiso Chile by Xochitl Hernandez (Photography)

Selected Poems by Kate Brubeck (Poetry)

Selected Poems by Bruce Bagnell (Poetry)

Who’s Who

The Circles, for this issue, there are four or maybe three;
but you, dear reader, are the connectivity.

Bruce Bagnell
Bruce Bagnell is a poet who co-hosts the Poetry Express at Himalaya Flavors reading series in Berkeley on Monday evenings.

Anna Brown
Anna Brown is a Bay Area writer who writes about parenting, teaching, punk rock and middle age.

Kate Brubeck
Kate Brubeck (no relation to Dave) is an all-purpose editor, coach, and writing consultant. These poems are the product of a stealth writing practice that tends primarily toward prose, and were pried from her by the editor of this publication.

Sharon Doubiago
Sharon Doubiago is a poet and memoirist of Mendocino and San Francisco. “Elvis” is from “Son,” a memoir of a counterculture feminist, poet mother raising a male athlete (professional football player, etc.)

Xochitl Hernandez
Xochitl is a Berkeley native, but has spent time living in San Luis Obispo, Spain, Honduras, and Chile. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new places both near and far, as well as cooking, hiking, eating burritos and spending quality time with friends, family, and a dog named Abby.

Ben Kopman
Ben is a graphic designer residing in Berkeley.

Susan LHeureux
Susan LHeureux is a wonderful human being who lives and writes in Oakland, California.

David Schweidel
David Schweidel is a writer, teacher, and kazoo player in Berkeley. He is currently at work on a memoir – TWICE AS HUMBLE: The David Schweidel Story as told by David Schweidel.

Carl Kopman
Managing Editor
Carl is a retired school teacher, house painter, commercial fisherman and NYC taxi driver now living in Berkeley, California.