September 2017

Issue 2

The Gals by Karen Hunt (Fiction)

Wannabe Yeshiva Girl by Sydney Brenner (Memoir)

Contours by Ben Kopman (Photography)

3 Poems Joe Lamb (Poetry)

Wanda by Martina Reaves (Memoir)

Grace Paley’s Pen by Carl Kopman (Fiction)

Fading to Dark by Carl Kopman (Fiction)

Be Here Now by Zee Zeleski (Painting)

Small Bites from the Chef by Charles Lewis (Food)

Time Is Too Much With Us by Mick Minard (Poetry)

Who’s Who

There is an arborist. A son and a grandniece. There is the brother-in-law of my wife’s cousin.  There are writing retreats in Tamales Bay, a monastery in Nepal, and the 1970’s in Mendocino. And there is my daughter-in-law who so lovingly crafts this website.

With appreciation that you would share time with this journal,
Carl Kopman

Sydney Brenner
Sydney hails from Long Island, NY and attends Ithaca College where she studies creative writing and Jewish studies.

Karen Hunt
Karen earned a master’s degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and has been an award-winning reporter, magazine editor, and communications consultant. She is at work on a collection of linked stories about small town characters coping with births, deaths, car accidents and tumors, love gone off the rails and love enduring.

Ben Kopman
Ben is a graphic designer residing in Berkeley.

Joe Lamb
Joe Lamb, founder of the Borneo Project, is a writer, activist, and arborist living in Berkeley, California. His poetry and essays have appeared in Earth Island Journal, The Sun, Caliban, Wind, Orion, and other magazines.

Charles Lewis
Charles has been in the culinary arts and hospitality business for more than thirty years, twenty of those as executive chef for Hyatt Hotels.  He is currently owner/operator of The Chef’s Table, a professional catering company.

Mick Minard
Seeking to restore connection between human society and the natural world, Mick has worked for twenty years alongside leaders in the corporate, nonprofit, and governmental sectors to reimagine the relationships and technologies that shape social behavior.

Martina Reaves
Martina is a retired mediator of family and neighbor disputes. She lives in Berkeley with her wife Tanya Starnes. She writes personal essays and is putting the finishing touches on her memoir about raising her son Cooper in a two-mom household and surviving a diagnosis of terminal cancer.

Zee Zeleski
Zee learned to draw and paint from her supremely talented father. This body of work is the long-sought result of “seeing” in abstract.

Carl Kopman
Managing Editor
Carl is a retired school teacher, house painter, commercial fisherman and Brooklyn taxi driver now living in Berkeley, California.