April 2018

Issue 3

The “Friday Writers” Group

Margaret Kokka
Made to Order (Memoir)
Wigged Out (Memoir)

Pat Gallagher
The 57 (Memoir)
Salvation (Memoir)
In Flight (Memoir)

Marion Bar-Din
Adam – a memory (Memoir)

Peggy Phillips
Mother Tongue (Memoir)
Puppy Love (Memoir)
Travels (Photography)

Mary Lu Everett
Walking Up Hill (Memoir)
A Walk on the Wild Side (Memoir)
Walking With My Shadows (Memoir)

Evelyn Apte
Sauerkraut (Memoir)
Nobody Knows Me (Memoir)
At the Bus Stop (Memoir)

Jerry Gray
On The Road (Memoir)
The Boats and the Waters (Memoir)
Untitled Letter to Jabari (Memoir)
A Collection (Painting)

Marjorie Roth
The Last Time I Saw Marty (Memoir)
Fitting In (Memoir)
My Home (Memoir)

Carl Kopman
In No Particular Order (Poetry)
The Promise (Poetry)
Kiko and Ikor (Poetry)

Who’s Who

This is the circle.
We have been writing together Friday afternoons, every week
for a decade; the nine of us, ages sixty-five to ninety-three;
three thousand-five hundred stories give or take a few.
Yes, that’s us! The Friday Writer’s Group.

With appreciation that you would read this journal,
Carl Kopman

Mary Lu Everett
Mary Lu Everett is retired attorney living in Albany, California who has given up crafting “legalese” to write family stories with the “FridayWriters.”

Evelyn Apte
Evelyn Apte was born in Germany and emigrated to the US at the age of 7 with her parents and brother. She is 88 years old and lives in Berkeley, California. She attended Reed College and U.C. Berkeley. She was a practicing psychotherapist in the Bay Area for many years.

Marion Bar-Din
Marion grew up in New York and Fresno, Calif. Her father was a judge, her mother a writer. She and her Israeli husband lived in Israel for two years. She has four daughters, ten grandchildren and two great-grandsons. Marion is retiring from being a psychotherapist this summer at the age of 88. Her hobby? Cooking!

Pat Gallagher
Pat is Professor Emerita, San Francisco State University and a founding member of the “fridaywriters” group. Pat provides prompts for the weekly writing sessions. A genealogy aficionado, Pat is writing her family story, much of it arising from the bits and pieces produced at the “fridaywriters” gatherings.

Jerry Gray
As a social worker and psychotherapist Jerry Gray has worked 40 years with refugee survivors of war. Jerry is a founding editor and publisher of the literary journal, Americas Review. He also paints, view his work at GCGray.com.

Margaret Kokka
Margaret Kokka is married with two children. Her career has focused on children and families. She taught in Roosevelt Jr. High in Richmond, evaluated children in the Child Development Center in Oakland’s Children Center, served as Executive Director of WestCoast Children’s Center and filled in as the Interim Director for three nonprofits.

Peggy Phillips
Peggy Phillips lives in Oakland and has given up her creative life for the last three months in the service of being nanny to her first grandchild, Scarlett. She hopes to resume traveling, writing, and things other than admiring Scarlett, very soon.

Marjorie Roth
Marjorie Miller Roth was born in Manhattan, grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn. She attended PS 197, James Madison High School, Barnard College of Columbia University, and the Columbia School of Social work – all this took place much longer ago than she likes to think.

Carl Kopman
Managing Editor
Carl is a retired school teacher, house painter, commercial fisherman and Brooklyn taxi driver now living in Berkeley, California.