March 2017

Issue 1

Morning Song
by Norton Tooby (Poetry)

Curiosity on the Beach by Dr. Nancy Levine-Jordano (Commentary)

Lessons of a Brother from Another Mother by Wm. Marc (Commentary)

Coming of Age at Adams-Mahoney by Norman Tuck (Memoir)

Photography by Dan Mitchell (Art)

A Small Bite from the Chef… by Charles Lewis (Food)

Oh, What A Night by Peggy Phillips (Memoir)

Einstein In Passing by Carl Kopman (Fiction)

David O’Connor (In Memoriam)

The Night Of The Storm by Kingston – age 5 (Poetry)

Who’s Who

Carl Kopman (Dan Mitchell’s father-in-law)
     Managing  Editor, Inter-Connecting-Circles.

Dr. Nancy Levine-Jordano (Carl Kopman’s cousin)
     Dr. NLJ is a psychoanalyst practicing in Oakland who works with adolescents, adults and couples.

Charles Lewis (Peggy Phillip’s brother-in-law)
     Charles Lewis has been in the culinary arts and hospitality business for more than thirty years, twenty of those as executive chef for Hyatt Hotels.  He is currently owner/operator of The Chef’s Table, a professional catering company. 

Wm. Marc (Anonymous Relative)
     At twelve years of age, Wm. Marc smuggled a scorpion into Arizona from Mexico in a ziploc bag.  Wm. Marc is not Wm. Marc’s real name. 

Dan Mitchell (Kingston’s Uncle)
     Dan is a father, photographer, and beer maker living in Berkeley, California.

David O’Connor (Wm. Marc’s Uncle)  
     Son. Brother. Uncle. Nephew. Cousin. Brother-in-Law. Friend. 

Peggy Phillips (Dr. Nancy Levine-Jordano’s friend)
     Peggy Phillips is a retired social worker who, although she loved her job, thinks she would really have rather been a concert cello player. She is working on being a world traveler, playing with children, and hoping her writing improves with age (hers.)

Norton Tooby (Charles Lewis’ brother-in-law)
     Norton Tooby happily lives in Oakland, California with his wife and puppy (she’ll always be my puppy) Sophie.

Norman Tuck (Carl Kopman’s life long friend)
     Norman is a sculptor living in San Francisco, California.

Kingston (Norman Tuck’s life long friend’s grandson)
     Kingston is a Lego Master living in the East Bay.