And The Sky Is Not Cloudy All Day

last night she says
” i don’t want anyone but you”
fine.     fine.
we were making love
and things like that are
often said,
heightening,  as it does,
as it did,
the emotional nature of the Act,
increasing,  no doubt,
the sperm count and the possibilities
of Zygote formation.

Two Short Poems

For Big Al
We pass by in a line
as old elephants do
one eye on the dead one
by the side of the mud hole.
An old elephant dies, the rest of us
move forward in the rut of habitual turning
and one by one we too will kneel down
for the final time, unaware that the rest will pass
with a remembering eye on a dead elephant
kneeling by a mud hole.

Journal Entry

 Sing of blue sky
after a late May rain?          when
the fluffy-white high cumulus
move as the firey smoke
of white phosphorous
thrown on the thief.                   of a pair
of sweat socks.

The scent of lilacs sours,
screams a coating of charred, human flesh
inside my nostrils.