And The Sky Is Not Cloudy All Day

last night she says
” i don’t want anyone but you”
fine.     fine.
we were making love
and things like that are
often said,
heightening,  as it does,
as it did,
the emotional nature of the Act,
increasing,  no doubt,
the sperm count and the possibilities
of Zygote formation.

this afternoon she says
“i don’t know where it comes from
but i seem to be a pushover when
people desire me”
great.    great.
we were lying in a meadow
above the albion river valley
where things like that
are seldom heard
obliterating as it does,
as it did,
the sound of the river
and the delicate humming
of wind in the redwood trees

Interconnecting Circles

Curt Berry

Curt Berry was a true gentleman. You couldn’t be around him without sharing his joy for life. He passed away too many years ago. 

#Curt Berry


  1. Sharon Doubiago - September 5, 2022 @ 6:38 pm

    I think I already posted of the importance of Curt Berry in my life as a poet, but can’t find, it’s evidently lost, so will try again. All of the Spring of 1975 he’d come to my cabin in Little River just to talk poetry. It was me who talked, so contrary to my normal mute self. He listened. He listened. He never ever came on to me, but just listened. He was a magnificent poet! And had a horrific/heroic account of his Vietnam. He had been a surfer in Santa Cruz, That’s all he ever wanted to be when Vietnam happened to him. I’m so glad to read him again. I can hear his voice. Thank you Carl, Sharon Doubiago.

  2. Carl - August 28, 2022 @ 9:05 pm

    Ah Curt, I miss ye.

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