Morning Song

Morning light of my light,
Breath of my breath,
Blood of my blood,
Bone of my bone,
Heart of my heart,

I bid you welcome
Into my life

This morning,
Cradled in the arms of our families and our friends
We celebrate our wishes for each other
Our knowledge of each other
And the mysteries yet to be known

May I learn to express my love fully,
       Not only now, but always
May I experience my differences freely,
       Not only now, but always
May I live up to my intentions completely,
       Not only now, but always, and
May I forgive myself when I do not

I wish for you the freedom
       Always to speak your feelings truly
       Always to laugh at yourself (and at me)
       Always to feel my love completely

May we have the courage to be who we are,
       And let each other see us
May we rest in the certainty of all the ways we love each other,
       Even as our differences emerge,
May we learn to cherish those differences,
       For the freshness and new joy they bring into our lives
May we struggle with each other with integrity,
       Remembering always how much we love each other,
May we continue to open to life as it is,
       In all of its challenge and variety, and
May we find each other
       Again and again
       Always ourselves
       Always changing

May we laugh together,
breathe together, work together,
suffer together, love together, and sleep together,
soundly, for all of our days.

  Norton Tooby


September 25, 2004
Lark Creek Inn
Larkspur, California



Interconnecting Circles

#Norton Tooby