Overhearing Dorvald


through the wood boards
of his signpainter studio
aloud to himself
one presumes

while walking wild grass
sunny toed in old sandals
to the outdoor shower
back and forth
the good summer

with towel and soap
nearly ungirded
the old ranch
walled by the winds
of the largest state forest

comfortably within
the interior of
the interior

where we all talk
to ourselves anyway
I presume

wonder if he’s touched
in his handsome
and amiable head
he’s entirely civil
competent otherwise

letters the businesses
along the coast
with verve and proportion
correctly spelled

declamation exclamation
questions answers
such as I might
try to hold
he booms
through the walls

well why not
I’ll try it
join the inner
with the outer

going at it
two   three days
lifting whispers
currents and stir
to full voice
full body

no   some of what
I strive to hear
I fear to be

Interconnecting Circles

Gordon Black

Public reaction to student protests in the time of Vietnam and Governor Reagan left my grad plans in Berkeley diminished to zero. Ramblin’ Jack in Mendocino kindly allowed me an extended crash until I moved in with the Lady next door. I got work as janitor at the Sea Gull Restaurant & Cellar Bar. Poetry readings appeared as points of light.

#Gordon Black

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