I went through this life journey earning
these road worn lines, these furrows,
this older breath.

I respect my life, its lessons,
scars upon my mind and body,
discovered scuffing sensual paths.

These embellishments are not just on my heart
but line my hands and feet,
as you see, forever creasing my smile.

I’d rather skin etchings be upon me
like tree bark rooted, earth answered
and our moon pocked upon my face.

This is living.

I’d sooner earn my earth edges
than vanity of a pure skin: no running for something that isn’t.

I like that. Celebrating old.

Adoring our weathered land,
a rivers rush, a lunar glow
I’ll just fetch now these fractal
droplets of life still left to me.

MAHINA Moon 22

Interconnecting Circles

Marlene Moon

Kenny Cahn and I left Woodstock, NY, in caravan with David Matlin who told us of a family on Albion Ridge, in Mendocino, California, who would give 5 of their 15 acres to a family willing to create and build a homestead on their land free-of-charge. Our family arrived in California in late Spring 1970.


#Marlene Moon


  1. Sharon Doubiago - September 11, 2022 @ 7:23 pm

    Very beautiful, mucho gracias.


  2. Susan Kopman - August 29, 2022 @ 11:54 am

    Hey Marlene,
    that is lovely. You capture the indignities and joys of growing old in such a spiritual way.


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