The Hiking Club; A Vocabulary Of Yearning

This current project titled “The Hiking Club; A Vocabulary of Yearning” intertwines landscape, trees and the sublime in nature with the story of being the daughter of an immigrant. The works bring together nature and society and address an inheritance of longing. The project is homage to landscape and trees, as well as to the lost utopian ideals of Simmel’s father and the woods in which he wandered.

Urban Markings in Encaustics

Increasingly I search the streets of my urban world, often seeing beauty where others may not.  Discarded objects, recycled materials, graffiti, torn flyers, rusted metal all provide a bridge between my inner world and the outer landscape of urbanization and globalization. I apprehend and appreciate the life and beauty that urbanity offers us– weathered through time, distinguished by history, and marked by human presence.

Paintings of Los Angeles

Peter Wowkowych is an artist and architect working in Santa Monica, California. His paintings are made with encaustics, an ancient Egyptian painting method which uses hot beeswax, pigments and damar resin.